Aesthetic Dermatology in Sevenoaks

Skin clinic treating acne, acne scars, rosacea, sun damage, scarring, stretch marks and hair loss. CryoPen™ cryotherapy freezing treatments, microneedling and chemical peels.

Expert opinion of Aesthetic Dermatology Doctor

Dr Paulina Charlesworth is a specialist Aesthetic Dermatology Doctor and a GP, who has trained in the UK, California and Paris and has over 15 years of medical training and international aesthetics experience.

As a fully licensed and practising UK GP, she has an in-depth knowledge of the underlying medical issues surrounding skin health and also has an insight into what skin treatments are available both on NHS and privately.

Her acne and rosacea treatment plans complement these of Dermatologists and start from £50/month including follow up appointments.

Acne, Rosacea and Pigmentation treatments

Suffering from acne, redness or pigmentation can be very upsetting and the impact on mental health and confidence is often underestimated.

This is why Dr Paulina is passionate about treating skin problems with the best prescription strength facial routines available only from specialist aesthetic medicine pharmacies in London. They not only can be as much as x4 stronger than what is available on prescription from GPs or dermatologists from regular pharmacies but also use cutting edge technologies further enhancing its effectiveness.

Skin lesions, moles, verruca/wart and skin tags

Benign skin lesions such as molluscum, verrucae (commonly known as warts) or skin tags are very common and can be safely removed with CryoPen™ cryotherapy treatment.


Scars can be treated in a number of ways including fillers to raise the scar, steroid injections to decrease body's reaction to the scar and allow it to heal better or medical grade depth micro-needling.

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Paulina will advise you on the best course of treatment based on her medical expertise.

DermaPen® microneedling mesotherapy

DermaPen® microneedles trigger skin's own healing mechanism to regenerate cells. This repairs sun damage, wrinkles or scarring such as acne scars or stretch marks.

Number 1 Aesthetic Doctors' skincare brand

Dr Obagi's ZO® Skin Health brings innovative skincare, bridging a gap between medical treatments and daily skin care. It is officially the Number 1 skincare brand for Aesthetic Doctors' in Europe and has been listed in Vogue's Magazine Beauty Hall of Fame.

As part of a consultation, you will receive a Personalised ZO® Skincare routine and acne/rosacea treatment plan. It can include a cleanser, scrub and a toner, best face creams for acne or rosacea and a specialised SPF face cream.

Bespoke acne/rosacea treatment plan prices start from £50/month and include doctor appointments.

London Harley Street quality

We only use and prescribe highest quality branded aesthetic products such as ZO® Health skincare, medical grade chemical peels and mesotherapy (products for microneedling and hair growth), dermal fillers and wrinkle injection medication. All our products come from award winning UK Aesthetic Pharmacies.

Dr Paulina only uses Award Winning medical grade equipment from official UK suppliers which guarantees safer skin treatments and better results.

Our ZO® Health skincare is delivered straight to your door from a specialist London Harley Street Pharmacy.

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