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Forehead lines

Horizontal lines appear across the forehead over time, through constant use of the muscles in your upper face and eyebrow area.

They can make you look older and can be improved with medical grade skincare routine, repair stimulation with microneedling and/or regular wrinkle injections. Injections can be used to prevent any movement and worsening of the lines if botulinum toxin 'Botox' is used or can include dermal fillers if they require filling in.

Different techniques can also be used on the outside portion of the eyebrow to lift it into more of an arched eyebrow shape.

Frown lines

Botox type injections can soften the frown lines, which appear in between the eyes or above the eyebrow, when we show anger or irritation. 'Botox' injections into these lines stops the frown muscles from working and smoothes the overlying skin. As with any muscle the less it is used the weaker the muscle becomes.

If you have deep frown lines which are also present at rest, Dr. Paulina can recommend a combination treatment with a filler for the best results possible.

Crow's feet, Laugh lines, Smile lines

These wrinkles around the eyes are also known as 'laughter' or 'smile lines' as they appear when you smile. Over time, the lines start to remain and can make you look older.

An initial chemical peel will help to rejuvenate the area around the eyes, and wrinkle injections can help soften the lines and smooth the overlying skin without impacting on the eye. You may also benefit from a filler treatment if there is any volume loss.

Lower eyelid wrinkles

If you have wrinkles under your eyes, 'Botox' type injections into the lower eyelid can soften these and help to open up the distance between the upper and lower eyelid, creating a more pleasing rounded and open eye shape. It can also help to eliminate "jelly roll" under the eye. However, this treatment is not recommended if you have prominent eye bags with excess skin under the eye caused by weakened fatty tissue. Dr. Paulina will be able to give you a full diagnosis at time of consultation.

Eyebrow lift

Injections under the eyebrow can stop the muscles pulling your eyebrow down and help reverse the effect of gravity. Lowered eyebrows can makes you appear sad or tired. Combining this procedure with frown lines, forehead lines and with crow's feet injections and treatments will achieve the best overall result in making you look younger again. Fillers can also be used to give your upper face area even more of a lift.

Eye bags, prominent pouches under the eye, can either be caused by weakened fatty tissue or an overactive muscle. They can look unsightly and make you look constantly tired. If the eye bags are caused by an overactive muscle, they can be treated with 'Botox' botulinum toxin injections.

If the principal issue is volume loss this is best address with what is called a tear-through injection. It is a wrinkle injection with dermal filler that fills out the hollow of a dark eye bag. It uses an advanced technique and must be done by an experienced professional this area has a lof of vessels that go to the back our our eye and cutting the eye blood supply can have very serious consequences. Dr. Paulina will give you a full assessment at your consultation and advise the best treatment for you.

The clown wrinkles aka Marionette lines

Marionette lines are folds that run from the corners of your mouth down to your chin and can become particularly pronounced as the skin ages and starts to sag. They can make you look unhappy or miserable and create unsightly jowls.

Treating these wrinkles with facial fillers can significant improve the appearance of the face and make you look younger again, particularly if combined with an advanced medical skincare routine, that can actually help to stimulate cell and collagen growth.

Nasolabial folds

These are one of the most common signs of ageing. Nasolabial folds are caused by loss of volume in the middle of our face as fatty tissue and our cheek bone reduces in size. The skin around the nose and cheeks also becomes thinner and less elastic with age.

Repetitive muscle use can also contribute. Fillers for nasolabial folds are one of the most popular aesthetic procedures undertaken despite that the treatment should actually be aimed at the root of the problem.

Dr Paulina will often recommend increasing the volume in the midface first as this will automatically reduce nasolabial fold lines when the looser skin is 'lifted up' instead of superficially filling these out which makes the face look 'bottom' heavy and in fact emphasise other wrinkles.

Jowls and the Jaw line

As the body ages, it's not just the skin texture that changes, but also the structure of the bones and the fatty tissue surrounding them. When you get older, your chin reduces in volume, changing the look of your face. As the skin thins and becomes looser our jaw line becomes saggy and we develop 'jowls'.

Using a combination of advanced aesthetic techniques and firm dermal fillers, Dr. Paulina can rebuild the chin and the jaw line area to lift your face and bring you back to your younger looking self.

Chin and mouth wrinkles/smoker's lines

Over time, loss of fat tissue and collagen, as well as environmental factors, can lead to an uneven skin texture around the mouth amd on the chin, with wrinkles creating lines or a bumpy, puckered effect.

This can easily be treated in Dr. Paulina's Sevenoaks Aesthetics Clinic by wrinkle relaxing injections like 'Botox' to smooth out the skin and rejuvenate the area around the mouth and the chin. Depending on the severity, Dr. Paulina might also recommend a dermal filler for maximum results.

If the skin on your neck and under your chin is beginning to look loose and saggy, neck rejuvenation could be the best treatment for you. Horizontal neck lines are formed when the neck muscles contract. As you age and the skin loses its elasticity, they can settle into wrinkles known as "necklace lines" as they form permanent lines around the neck.

Botox type injections in this area are ideal for softening these lines as well as skin boosters and dermal fillers. The treatment can also decrease fullness of the neck, so you have the added benefit of a non-surgical neck lift. To keep the skin taut and conditioned after the procedure, Dr. Paulina recommends a course of advanced medical skincare.

We often forget to moisturise the skin on our chest. Our decolletage area has less fat to keep it smooth and conditioned, so years of sun exposure, tanning and neglect can cause serious damage and create a wrinkled, crepe like appearance to this part of the body in particular. Dr Paulina will advise on a number of rejuvenating treatments to reverse the damage inflicted on your chest and cleavage area that address all the different symptoms from wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots, to dehydration through lack of effective moisturiser.

Your hands are one of the biggest giveaways of your age if left untreated. The skin wrinkles and becomes thinner as you get older and can develop pigmentation commonly known as "age spots" or "liver spots". Medical grade skincare can be used on hands to address these and dermal fillers works very well in restoring lost volume.

Dull skin

A stressful lifestyle, what you eat, environmental factors, and hormone imbalance can all have a detrimental effect on your skin. If you don't get enough sleep or the right nutrients, or if you smoke, or drink too much alcohol, your skin will become dull and lose its vitality.

Dr Paulina can restore your skin's condition with hydrating boosters, micro-injections that nourish and repair the skin and encourage healthy cell growth. Combined with a course of ZO® Skin Health advanced medical skincare to maintain your glowing complexion, this is a simple and non-invasive way for you to keep looking young and bright.

Depending on your skin's condition, Dr. Paulina might also recommend a chemical peel too to exfoliate the damaged layer and stimulate the smoother, fresh skin underneath.

Micro-needling is also an exciting new aesthetics treatment available in our clinic in Sevenoaks that works by stimulating the body's own healing cells to produce fresh skin.

Sun damage

This can sometimes be more of a problem for men than for women as men's faces are often exposed to sun and the elements more than women, who tend to be a little more careful with SPF sunscreens! Exposure to too much sun can cause premature wrinkling and changes in the consistency and pigmentation of the skin.

Chemical peels are a good way to quickly rejuvenate the skin, by exfoliating away the dryer, wrinkled outer layer of skin to reveal the fresh smooth, blemish free skin underneath. Microneedling treatment can help break up pigmented cells and stimulate your own body to repair any skin damage.It is also recommend to have a course of medical grade skincare that targets pigmentation to nourish and restore skin condition and target unwanted pigmentation.

Bunny lines

Bunny lines are the wrinkles that appear at either side of the top of the nose when you pucker up your nose in reaction to smells or wrinkle your face in disgust. Some people can have lines form when they smile or laugh. Once they become permanent, they can contribute to a more tired and aged face.

Injections into the upper part of the nose will soften these lines and smooth the wrinkled skin, leaving you with a younger-looking face and more reasons to smile.

Gummy smile

We're all encouraged to smile more, but some of us are self-conscious about our smile because we think it shows too much of our gums. Gummy smile is when the upper lip lifts too far above the teeth, revealing more gum than is usual. Although there are no medical complications, this can have a big effect on a person's self-esteem.

Luckily, a simple injection with a Botox-like muscle relaxant is all that is required to have you smiling again with confidence. The procedure is an easy, non-surgical solution that works by relaxing the muscle that lifts the upper lip, to give you the smile you've always wanted.

As the body ages, the skin loses collagen and fat tissue in the cheeks, which, in some people, causes sagging and a sunken look. Men have less fat tissue in their face than women to begin with, so it's one of the first areas that might need to be addressed to create a younger-looking face again. Carefully injected dermal fillers are the best way to build out the cheeks again, while avoiding the obvious "golf ball" cheeks that you often see if it has not been done correctly.

Lips get thinner as you get older, losing their fullness. Years of smoking or sun damage or even pursing the lips without realising can cause wrinkles and lines above the top lip.

Injections above and below the lips can soften these lines, increase lip fullness and smooth the overlying skin.

Permanent lip lines that are present at rest are best treated with a combination of injection and filler, with a peel first to smooth the surrounding skin.

Before and after video of lip enhancements offered at the Sevenoaks skin clinic.

Whether you're a man or a woman, if you experience thinning hair or hair loss it can be very upsetting, making you feel embarrassed or anxious, even leading to depression. Hormonal changes, stress, illness and environmental factors are all contributing factors.

Exciting developments in aesthetic medicine have led to discoveries about the body's own repairing mechanism which can be used to treat thinning hair and male baldness by encouraging hair regrowth. The procedure is called micro-needling and mesotherapy and is offered at Dr. Paulina's clinic in Sevenoaks.

The mild scarring we call stretch marks can appear on the stomach, thighs and hips post pregnancy as a result of the skin stretching and losing its elasticity. Loss of muscle and the lack of sufficient collagen production in the affected area causes the tissue damage on some women after pregnancy.

When the skin heals after an injury, the body produces a new collagen layer to replace the damaged skin, but it is a different texture to the original, so results in a scar.

Benign skin lesions such as molluscum, verrucae or skin tags are very common and can be safely removed with cryotherapy treatment with CryoPen®

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