DermaPen® Microneedling in Sevenoaks

Medical grade dermaroller and mesotherapy in Kent.

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DermaPen® Microneedling

Dr Paulina is a specialist Aesthetic Doctor and GP, who has trained in the UK, California and Paris and has over 15 years of medical training and aesthetics experience.

During your appointment she takes detailed medical history and examines your skin in order to identify underlying causes of your skin problem . This allows her to design and deliver bespoke medical grade microneedling treatments to achieve the best results possible.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, involves using extra fine needles to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism by triggering it to gather platelets, growth and repair factors to heal the skin.

It creates more uniform skin look, improving the appearance of pores and wrinkles and destroying abnormal pigment in cells.

What is ​DermaPen®​?

DermaPen® is a pioneering Award Winning medical grade microneedling pen which is kinder to the skin despite being able to target deeper cells than non professional devices.

London Harley Street quality

Dr Paulina only use highest quality branded aesthetic products such as Teoxane skin boosters or ZO Skin health firming or brightening serums and only ever uses single use Award Winning microneedles.

DermaPen®​ vs Dermaroller®​

DermaPen® is an automatic pen like device that uses 16 microneedles that create over 2200 micro channels per second vs 300 of other microneedlnig pens or Dermaroller which is a hand operated.

DermaPen® can stimulate over twice as deep as Dermaroller and the depth can be adjusted to customise treatments.

The angle of the stimulation is more precise causing less trauma to the superficial skin and makes for a more comfortable treatment.


Dermaroller® vs DermaPen® needle stimulation.

Medical Microneedling leaflet

Download Dr Paulina's microneedling patient information leaflet and FAQs here

Microneedling in Sevenoaks Redensity 1 Teoxane Microneedling picture 2

Microneedling in Sevenoaks Redensity 1 Teoxane Microneedling picture


Microneedling: before and after pictures


Further Acne pictures before and after microneedling


Further Anti-Ageing pictures before and after microneedling


Further Pigmentation and melasma pictures before and after microneedling


Further Rosacea and redness pictures before and after microneedling


Further Scars pictures before and after microneedling


Further Stretch marks pictures before and after microneedling

Microneedling price list

Microneedling Price List

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