CryoPen® Cryotherapy skin tags and mole removal in Sevenoaks

Specialist doctor cryotherapy for sun spots, verruca, warts, skin tags and non cancer moles removal.

Why doctor administered CryoPen® cryotherapy treatment?

Even simple lesions that may look like a skin tag, sun spot, seborrheic keratosis or a simple skin mole can have skin cancer hiding at the base of the skin lesion.

It is therefore crucial, that any CryoPen® cryotherapy treatment is performed by a doctor who is experienced at diagnosing and treating skin lesions. Dr Paulina is an experienced GP with higher training in aesthetic dermatology and skin lesion removals.

If there is any possibility of skin cancer, Dr Paulina unfortunately will not be able to proceed with cryotherapy treatment as it only treats superficial skin and freezing destroys any potential samples that would require lab analysis to guide further treatment.

However, she is happy to provide you with a private referral letter for onward treatment or write to your GP summarising your appointment if you chose to be referred under NHS care. Any possible skin cancers require urgent hospital assessment.

Why CryoPen® at our Aesthetic Clinic?

CryoPen® cryotherapy skin treatment is included within the medical consultation price and can be performed at the same time as the skin consultation.

As a specialist aesthetic doctor and a GP, Dr Paulina uses the premium medical model of CryoPen® which is more powerful than others and offers the widest selection of application tips. It means that the treatment is more powerful and more targeted than standard CryoPen® treatments whilst causing no collateral damage to the surrounding healthy skin.

As we are confident in our treatments and strive to provide specialist holistic care we offer free follow up appointment and repeat treatment if needed.

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What is CryoPen® cryotherapy used for?

The award winning CryoPen® offers safe and painless minimally invasive non cancer mole removal.

CryoPen® looks like a pen and works by focusing cold liquid nitrogen at tissues and freezing them off. Cryotherapy treatment lasts few seconds and destroyed cells fall off within few weeks of the treatment.

The most common treatments are freezing off verruca, warts such as molluscum contagiosum or skin tags. Specialists can also use it to target other skin lesions and skin pigmentation such as sun spots.

CryoPen® is very safe and versatile. Other common skin lesions treated are:

Abnormal pigmentation
Seborrheic kerarosis
Granuloma (inflamed nodules)
Dermatofibroma (benign fibrous skin growths)
Porokeatosis (dermatosis)
Seborrhic keratosis (brown warts)
Condyloma acuminate (genital warts)
Actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous skin lesions)


CryoPen® skin treatment for warts, skin tags and sun damage.

What is the cost of CryoPen® treatment?

Your £150 specialist doctor consultation fee includes up to 3 skin tags/lesions removals with further ones charged at half price of £25/lesion which includes a free follow up and re-treatment, if needed.

You can also opt for £200 'cartilage' package if you suffer from multiple skin tags which commonly occurs on eyelids or armpits or multiple seborrheic keratosis on your back.

Dr Paulina offers a free follow up appointment and a repeat treatment if needed.

CryoPen® before and after pictures

Cryotherapy wart, skin tag, sebborheic wart before and after pictureCryotherapy before and after pictures: plantar wart, seborrheic keratosis, cherry angioma and skin tag.