Wrinkle Treatments in Sevenoaks

Medical grade Anti-Ageing skincare, wrinkle injections incl 'Botox', dermal fillers and skin boosters, microneedling lines treatments.

Expert opinion of Anti-Ageing skin specialist

Dr Paulina Charlesworth is a specialist Aesthetic Doctor and GP, who has trained in the UK, California and Paris and has over 15 years of medical training and aesthetics experience.

She specialises in creating bespoke skincare regimens to target signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines and pigmentation and aesthetic treatment plans that can include wrinkle injections, skin booster, dermal fillers and other treatments.

Bespoke wrinkle injection plans prices start from £40/month.

Number 1 Aesthetic Doctors' skincare brand

Dr Paulina uses medical grade skincare by world famous Dr Obagi. ZO® Skin Health brings innovative skincare, bridging a gap between medical treatments and daily skin care; it is officially the Number 1 skincare brand for Aesthetic Doctors in Europe and has been listed in Vogue's Magazine Beauty Hall of Fame.

As part of an hour long initial consultation, you will receive a Personalised ZO® Skincare routine and a treatment plan. It can include anti-ageing serums, best wrinkle moisturisers for your skin issues, even if it is sensitive or dry, and an SPF face cream.

London Harley Street quality

Dr Paulina only prescribes and uses highest quality branded aesthetic products such as "Botox', 'Bocouture', 'Juvederm', 'Belotero' or Swiss 'Teoxane' from award winning UK aesthetics pharmacies.

Highest quality products mean more natural results due to their better design, longer lasting effects as they are more resilient and less complications such as product migration or delayed body reactions that cause granules or swellings.

Our ZO® Health skincare is delivered straight to your door with next day delivery, direct from a leading specialist London Harley Street pharmacy.

Wrinkle injections

Probably the most common aesthetic concerns are forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or frown lines.

There are many ways that these can be treated including: professional skincare, chemical peels, micro-needling or wrinkle injections. Wrinkle injections can include mesotherapy, skin booster, botulinum toxin 'Botox' or skin fillers.

Dermal Fillers for wrinkles, lip fillers, cheek enhancements​

We lose about 10% of facial volume for every decade of our life. For the best natural results, it is generally more effective to personalise your skin filler treatments and replace the lost volume, rather than target individual lines superficially. These should be seen more as ‘finishing touches treatment’ to prevent the face looking 'done' or 'heavy'.

Nasolabial folds or clown wrinkles are mainly caused by ageing cheek bone and therefore targeting the cheeks, chin and the jaw line will result in much better overall result than superficially treating the wrinkles themselves, which can make the lower face look heavy and unnatural.

Dr Paulina only uses highest quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which blend well with the skin minimising the risk of common side effects such as lumps or body reactions and also give a more natural overall result.

Medical grade chemical peels

Chemical peels are used to improve skin's texture, wrinkles and pigmentation

Professional Salicylic acid or Glycolic acid face peels allow the depth and strength of the treatment to be adjusted to not only improve the condition of your outer layer of skin, but also to address discolouration and scarring such as acne scars.

The deepest peels create a tightening and lifting effect to the face and can only be prescribed by doctors with specialist knowledge in anti-ageing.

DermaPen® microneedling mesotherapy

DermaPen® microneedles trigger skin's own healing mechanism to regenerate cells. This repairs sun damage, wrinkles or scarring such as acne scars or stretch marks.

CryoPen® Cryotherapy for sun spots

Award winning Cryopen® offers safe and painless minimally invasive treatment with liquid nitrogen to remove sun spots and pigmentation.

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